Celia Carlile

Artist & Award Winning illustrator

My New Book and Song is now available!

"Granny and the Monster" 

Granny and the Monster: Not all monsters are big. Not all monsters are scary. 

This one is very small, very friendly, and has a magical talent that one little boy's granny simply loves. This charming story will delight three to seven year olds, and their grannies.

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Granny and the Monster book and song by Celia Carlile

'My Granny Knits' Song

My Granny Knits song on SoundCloud


The Slimy Slug Book by Celia Carlile

The Slimy Slug

A tale about a little boy who befriends a slug at nursery and secretly takes it home.

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The Christmas Song Book

The Christmas Song

A story about Emily who is excited to sleep on Christmas Eve Santa has to wait outside.

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Best holiday Ever Book by Celia Carlile

Best Holiday Ever

This unique book, for six to eight year olds, tells two stories at the same time. 

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The Christmas Song Story by Calia Carlile and Orison Carlile

Best Christmas Ever

The best Christmas ever with great illustrations that reveal a series of hilarious disasters. 

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'Best Holiday Ever' Song

Best Holiday Ever by Orison Carlile and Rob Carlile.


'The Slimy Slug' Song

Celia’s daughter, composer, Solfa Carlile, created this song with her dad.

'Best Christmas Ever' Song

Best Christmas Ever by Orison Carlile.